Canelo vs Golovkin Fight on PPV

Canelo vs Golovkin Brilliant Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya discusses his desires for this present September’s Canelo Alvarez versus Gennady Golovkin battle as he limits his rundown of potential settings.

De La Hoya on his supposition about the present condition of boxing:
Canelo vs Golovkin

“With the heavyweight division being back with Anthony Joshua, you know with the Keith Thurman battle that was seen by what, progressively that 5 million individuals on prime time TV, with Canelo-Chavez offering over a million homes — we’re anticipating that nearby should 3 million with Golovkin and Canelo in September. These are the sorts of battles that bring boxing back, and that is precisely my main goal – is to bring boxing back, bring back that fervor that individuals used to live for when watching boxing. So little by little we’re chipping that square and ideally getting it going.”

On where Canelo-Golovkin will be held:

“It’s amongst Dallas and Las Vegas so I have my gatherings set officially, this week and one week from now, and ideally I can have a response for you in a couple days.”

On what will eventually be the integral calculate picking a setting:

“What was that film, ‘demonstrate to me the cash!’ [laughs]. No, no, it’s about where the fans need it. That is to say, look, we’ve been having surveys on ESPN and all over on the web,on the web, and it’s about where the fans need it and a great deal of fans are stating they need it in Dallas – it’s practically divided directly into equal parts – many individuals need it in Vegas on account of the entire fervor and Vegas and the lights and activity thus I have my work removed yet I’m certain I’ll settle on the ideal place for this battle.” Canelo vs Golovkin

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